Facility Launch Marketing Strategy


The Project: Marketing Strategy for an Innovative Space

When you launch a sleek new facility, you need a fresh marketing strategy to match, right?

That’s just what I put together for an innovative space at the University of Louisville – a launch strategy that inspired faculty to use the technology-rich classroom as a testing ground for new teaching methods.

My Role: The Not-So-Boring Details

Marketing Plan
I started by building a marketing strategy for the launch based on faculty feedback. Turns out they were excited to try something new, but are also really into research, go figure! I focused on research-backed messages and modeled the same innovative tactics we hoped for in the classroom. (Think personalized communications, interactive technology, and video content.)

Website Development
Some might call me a task master, and they wouldn’t be far off. I am a beast at putting project plans together and managed the website development project by setting timelines and project milestones, writing content, and facilitating feedback with the launch committee.

Video Content
Peer pressure works! I interviewed influential campus members to inspire faculty to try something new with their courses. Then, I worked with a videographer and an editor to create compelling videos from these interviews.

Email Strategy
A stuffy newsletter didn’t fit into our email marketing strategy. Instead, I introduced modern email templates and created an on-boarding email series to engage faculty at the moment they opted in. Plus, we captured profile information for each new subscriber to gauge program interest and personalize future emails.

Grand Opening Events
In another life I’m sure I was an event planner. I had a blast planning opening events, designing invitations, drafting talking points for speakers, organizing photography, and brainstorming activities and giveaways.


Results: Did Our Marketing Plan Work? (Spoiler Alert – Yes!)

  • 55 courses were taught in the new classroom during the first year
  • The university is adding classrooms across campus modeled after the new facility
  • Website launched on-schedule with a 4-month development time
  • 10% of university faculty opted into the email list within the first month
  • Email campaigns delivered 41% average open rates and 5.8% average click-through rates in the first year
Screen Shot of TILL Email Campaign


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