Project Management Marketing Campaign


The Project: Marketing Campaign Refresh

Sometimes even successful advertising campaigns need a facelift. Potential customers may not resonate with your designs or they may have grown tired of repetitive advertising.

Never fear! You can reengage dormant prospects by injecting botox fresh ideas into your campaign.

Our challenge was to invigorate a successful marketing campaign for a Project Management certificate program with new creative and messaging.

My Role: Leading a Boss Team of Marketers and Creatives

Marketing Strategy
We examined what worked well in the existing campaign. This included keyword and ad performance, landing page analytics, email metrics and registration information. Based on customer feedback, we created a campaign that showcased the results real customers had seen in their professional and personal lives after completing the certificate program. Who wouldn’t want real personal and professional results?

Content Development
At the center of the revamped campaign was a video comprised of customer and instructor interviews. Each subsequent piece of content (including a web story, landing page, ad copy, social media posts, a quiz, and email automations) built upon the video. I managed the video production by recruiting participants, conducting video interviews, and providing direction to the videographers and editors.

Once our content was in place, it was time to send our new campaign out into the world! I oversaw the build-out of the advertising campaign, including ad design and copy, as well as keyword planning and targeting. I also executed paid search and targeted social advertising by monitoring performance and budget, adjusting as needed.

Screen Shot of Project Management Campaign LinkedIn Post Screen Shot of Project Management Campaign Landing Page Screen Shot of Project Management Campaign Quiz


Results: One Fresh-As-A-Daisy Campaign!

  • Increased average time spent on page and decreased bounce rates for web pages
  • Average view rate (percentage of video completed per viewing) 74%
  • Sales team praised the increase in qualified leads for the program


Inject New Life into Your Campaigns

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