Conference Center Branding


The Project: We Make Events Easy Branding

A good brand is the living embodiment of your values. It exists in every interaction and communication between you and your audience. When executed well, customers will recognize you in every message knowing it could not have come from anyone else. Without a solid brand, though, you can get lost in the crowd.

This was the case for a regional conference center that lacked a cohesive brand. Our team gathered customer feedback, competitive research and stakeholder input to introduce a clear brand from which to launch all marketing initiatives.

Throughout our research, the conference center’s reputation for going above and beyond to simplify events for customers became clear, and the “We make events easy” brand platform was created.

My Role: Spearheading a New Brand

Market Research and Analysis

How can you know what sets you apart for your customers without doing a little digging?  I oversaw the administration of customer surveys and gathering of competitive data. Then, I evaluated the market research to identify points that set the conference center apart from other venues.

Creating a Brand Platform
The fun part of building a brand, if you ask me, is combining all of the data you’ve gathered in your market research with creative ideas to express your brand’s values. Our team brainstormed these creative brand options and pitched the “We make events easy” platform to conference center leadership – and they loved it! Then, I established a brand voice guide to ensure all content conveys a consistent message and value.

Mobilizing the Brand
Ok, the real fun begins when you start to put the brand into action. I collaborated with graphic designer, web developer and marketing team to weave “We make events easy”  into the center’s visual identity, web presence, content, social media, advertising, and collateral materials.

 Results: A Brand Platform that Delivers ROI

  • The content developed on this platform contributed to a 52% increase in leads within the first year
  • Revitalized paid search campaigns delivered 450% increase in leads and reduced cost-per-lead by 54% in the first year
  • Leveraged the brand as the foundation for a redesigned conference center website, which one event planner declared “one of the most robust I’ve ever seen.”
  • “We make events easy” was incorporated as a central value for the conference center


Set Yourself Apart with a Solid Brand

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